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Info: "Hip Rock" Festival Liepāja 2021 4/5 of June "Hip hop and Rock musical party with techno and Goa taste.


Take your" flip flops" we have a nice beach."


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Biedriba L Vilki Reg. Nr. 40008291692 LV41HABA0551047487957 Refference:


Kontakti : email :

Whatsapp : +37125334109

Instagram: @raksturs

Price for status: 12e only

Proga: - Breikdance contest - Freestyle contest - Rock the City contest - Massive fitness - Nominations

Artists so far:










We have still free places on stage. The whole "Package" will be displayed in May. Special Party Guest: "Sheinuz never loose" Remember 4th and 5th of June




L Vilki